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on the right cheek when she tried to pet it the dog is now in quarantine. >>> 5:05 a.m. u.s. and pakistani officials condemning the release of classified documents on the war in afghanistan. the whistle blower website posted 91,000 military records with details of 6 years of the war. wiki leaks says there appears to be evidence of war crimes in those documents it also includes unreported incidents about afghan civilian deaths and cosort operations. those could put the lives of americans at risk. >>> nato forces in afghanistan are conducting a massive search for two missing sailors. afghan officials say the two men left their base friday without notifying afghan security forces. american officials are not commenting on taliban claims they killed one of the sailors in a gun fight and captured the other. the u.s. military released images of the sailors but not provided their names. >>> tony hayward expected to resign as soon as today as british petroleum's executive. he has been the foe cans of criticism since -- focus of criticism since the explosion that started the oil leak in the gulf of
in california potentially in the u.s. we'll take a look at that background coming up here in the next half hour, sydnie. >> we have also got a ballot measure in november, too. >> reporter: of course. >> to legalize it. so we'll wait to see what happens there. but obviously they are getting ready. anne, thank you very much, anne makovec in oakland. >>> the man suspected in a shootout with the california highway patrol in oakland is expected to enter a plea this morning. 45-year-old byron williams of tuolumne county was formally charged yesterday, including trying to murder four chp officers. the officers had approached his truck after pulling him over on interstate 580 in oakland on saturday night. none of the officers was hurt, but williams did have to be treated for bullet wounds. police now say williams was drunk and was rambling about starting a revolution. >> we learned he was on his way on saturday night to two organizations, pulling called the tides, the other the aclu, with the sole purpose to kill people. usually these organizations are closed on sunday and his plans were to wait there
as possible. she currently holds a high level position in the u.s. stat department. >>> major league baseball offering to help san jose pay for a special election if a baseball committee allows the as to pursue a ballpark in the city. the committee was formed 16 months ago but still hasn't made a decision on what should happen with the as. last week mayor chuck reed and the city council decided to go ahead with a november ballot measure because the deadline was approaching. it would allow city voters to decide on that privately financed downtown stadium. the mayor's move upset baseball commissioner bud selig, but the situation seems to have smoothed over now. >> we're thrilled, obviously, that the mayor's decision to push forward has prompted a commitment from major league baseball that if we need to go to the ballot in the spring, they will help pay to bring the measure to the voters. >> baseball's offer has one condition, though. the city has to remove the measure from the november ballot. mayor reed says he is considering that. he initially balked at a special election because of all the e
it in front everyone. that's embarrassing off the first tee. >> 5:32 right now. >> the body of a second u.s. navy sailor has been recovered in eastern afghanistan the word this morning from an anonymous u.s. military official and afghan authorities. the family of petty officer third class jared newlove has been notified of his death. the 25-year-old was from the seattle area. villagers reportedly found the body not far from where newlove and petty officer second class justin mcnelly were reported missing friday. the other body was found nearby on sunday. >>> arizona's new immigration law took effect today but not all of it. terrell brown reports a judge rejected some of the major parts of the law hours before it was implemented. >>> reporter: opponents of arizona's immigration law had their prayers answered. the measure went into effect this morning but it does not include the most controversial provisions. >> i am really happy because that means that they are going to take the time to see what is just and what isn't. >> reporter: u.s. district judge sue son bolton removed key portions of t
the pit bull. >>> democrats expect the u.s. senate will approve an extension of jobless benefits today. they have fallen short, the democrats, before because of republican filibusters. but today, democrat hart goodwin will be sworn in to replace the late senator robert byrd of west virginia. goodwin is expected to provide the 60th vote that democrats need. about 2.5 million unemployed americans have seen their jobless benefits expire since early june. republicans say they are open to another extension as long as it does not add to the deficit. >>> elena kagan is expected to take another step toward the u.s. supreme court today. the senate judiciary committee is set to vote on president obama's nominee. so far, no democrat has announced opposition to kagan and no republican has announced support. but democrats do hold a 12-7 edge in the committee so kagan is likely to clear that hurdle. she is also expected to get approval from the full senate, which is likely to take up the issue next month. >>> former illinois governor rod blagojevich is expected to testify today at his corruption tri
reveal the names of afghan informants. officials worry that will prevent others from helping the u.s. >> will people whose lives are on the line trust us to keep their identities secret? >> reporter: and it may not be over yet. wikileaks still has another 15,000 documents waiting to be released. in washington, i'm terrell brown, cbs 5. >>> veteran new york congressman charles rangel is expecting a september trial now to face allegations of ethics violations. the house ethics committee accusing him of 13 violations including failure to report rental income from vacation properties. if the house panel finds rangel guilty, he faces punishment ranging from a report criticizing his conduct to a vote to expel him from congress. rangel is one of the longest- serving members of congress. >>> 5:38. >>> the bay area county that's seeing a rise in whooping cough. >> also ahead, a link between calcium supplements and a heart attack. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, including one in the hills of los angeles county. amy murphy joins us now from rancho vista... not far from "crown fire" has >>> several wildfires are
the toughest restrictions on the u.s. financial industry since the great depression. now it is up to president obama to sign a financial reform measure into law. yesterday the senate passed the bill. the plan would give the government new powers to break up companies that threaten the economy. and it also aims to give consumers more protection in their financial transactions. the president is expected to sign it as early as wednesday. >>> hewlett-packard is closing its campus in cupertino. the computer giant says that will happen over the next two years. thousands of workers will be transferred to hp's palo alto headquarters. the mercury news reports hp facilities in both cities are about 60% occupied right now. that company hopes to reach 90% in palo alto after the move. >>> this morning, apple will hold a news conference to talk about the new iphone 4. customers have been complaining that when told this the phone a certain way, calls are dropped. according to the "wall street journal," apple engineers knew about risks associated with the phone's antenna as early as a year ago. but the newspa
pumps. >>> one of two u.s. navy members missing in afghanistan is now confirmed dead, word from a nato official who told the ap the sailor's body has been recovered. that was confirmed in colorado by the family of 30-year-old justin mcnellly. the search continues for the other sailor. the taliban has said that he is in a safe place where he will not be found. the two reported missing on friday after an armored suv was seen driving into a taliban- held area of eastern afghanistan. >>> the backlash was intense last night at a city council meeting in the los angeles suburb of bell. [ yelling ] >> shame on you! all of you! >> that's the outrage over the high salaries of several of those city officials. last night, city council members voted unanimously to reduce their annual salaries to $8,000. all but one of them had been making $100,000 a year. last week, the uproar forced the resignations of three city officials, including the city manager, who was making $787,000 a year. state attorney general jerry brown has subpoenaed hundreds of records from the city and will investigate. >>> firef
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8